Resources: Recommendations For Your Design Library

While Pinterest, Houzz, and even Google itself have put an entire universe of images at all our fingertips, we believe that there is still no substitute for finding a great book, holding it in your hands, and actually reading it. And, if you’re considering constructing a new home or renovating an existing home, the investment in a few great books will likely pay off many times over as you move forward in that journey.

In that spirit, we have curated a selection of some of our favorites here. Some are newly published, some are out of print (luckily the Internet comes to the rescue yet again with a whole universe of used booksellers that may be able to provide some of them!). We’ll update this selection as new titles catch our fancy, and may add some old forgotten favorites that we believe (like much of the architecture we do!) have stood the test of time, and will be forever relevant.

  • Stone Houses
    Linda Leigh Paul
  • Spanish Colonial Style
    Pamela Skewes-Cox / Robert Sweeney / Matt Walla
  • Country Homes
    Wim Pauwels
  • Restoring A Home In Italy
    Elizabeth Helman Minchilli
  • A Home In Provence
    Noelle Duck / Christian Sarramon
  • Tuscany, An Art of Living
    Wim Pauwels
  • Mediterranean Domestic Architecture In The United States
    Rexford Newcomb / Marc Appleton
  • Classic Homes of Los Angeles
    Douglas Woods / Melba Levick
  • Casa Romantica
    Diane Keaton / D.J. Waldie
  • Living In Provence
    Barbara & René Stoeltie
  • Studio KO
    Karl Fournier / Olivier Marty
  • Poetry of Place
    Bobby McAlpine